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About Us

Established in 2008 by
John McConnell

John has been delivering analytical and data science consultancy services in a broad range of business and research areas for over 30 years.

Through the ’90s he worked for SPSS in a variety of Professional Services delivery and management roles. Since 2000 John has been involved in ventures that have applied advanced analytical methods as services and/or technologies.

John has also been instrumental in the recruitment and selection of analytical and data science candidates, on behalf of clients, globally.


Analytical Services



Analytical consultancy is at the heart of what we do -imparting the depth and breadth of our expertise to customers.  We can either coach your teams to become self-sufficient in delivering data or analytical projects and if required, complete your project for you



We offer customised analytical training that is tailored around your data, software tools and business objectives.  This can be one-to-one training or delivered in a group setting, either using structured training material or in a more ad-hoc way



Finding the right data science talent at the right time can be time-consuming and costly.  Our boutique analytical data recruitment service can help pinpoint resources for a specific project or help grow your analytical capability in-house



Identifying the most appropriate analytical methodologies to help achieve your business objectives is just one of the many ways that Analytical People can provide assistance and offer ongoing guidance


Application Development

Analytical application development is an additional service that we offer clients.  This may include the building of an analytical dashboard or developing an front end to your analytical tool set



Software Tools

With an increasing array of commercial and open source analytical software tools available, finding the right one for your organisation can prove challenging.  With our hands-on expertise of tools including IBM SPSS and Watson X suite, SAS R, Python, Apache Spark, Azure and Databricks, we can help you achieve your analytical objectives